Have you got it all? Check the list:





✓ Personal documents and travel documents

✓ Bed linen

✗ Weapons, ammunition, explosive substances

✓ Medicines and medical devices

✓ Towels

✗ Fireworks, gases, infectious or poisonous substances

✓ Protective masks and disinfectant gel for hands

✓ Soap, shampoo and body wash

✗ Food and drink (with the exception of food for young children)

✓ Credit card or cash

✓ Hair dryer

✗ Animals (except guide dogs)

✓ Phone and charger

✓ Beach towels

✗ Home appliances (iron, coffee maker, kettle, hair dryer, hair straightener)

✓ Sunscreen, sunglasses and swimsuits

✓ Cigarettes, tobacco (available from shops and bars on board)

See the complete list of prohibited items

✓ Diapers, bottles and specific foods for young children

✓ Crib, cot, high chair and baby bottle warmer (on request and subject to availability at the time of booking)

✓ An evening dress and white clothing

✓ A sweater or wrap

✓ Comfortable shoes to enjoy shore excursions with happy feet




Are there any shops on board?

All our ships have a wide range of shops, where you can find clothing, perfume and accessories, as well as hairdressers and a beauty centers for all your beauty requirements.
You will also find the laundry service.
Try not to depart with bags that are overly full, leave some space for souvenirs and gifts for yourself and your loved ones!


How much luggage can I bring?

If your vacation does not include flights, you can bring, in addition to hand luggage, a second suitcase for each passenger.
If your cruise lasts from 9 to 14 days, two extra bags are permitted per passenger.
If you are going on a cruise for more than two weeks, you can bring 3 extra bags per passenger.


What if I have to take the plane?
If you have to take a flight, the rules stipulate a single piece of luggage and a small item of hand luggage per passenger. We suggest you contact your airline to check the rules you must observe.


Where do I leave my bags on boarding?
Once you reach the port of boarding, remember to attach luggage labels on each suitcase. We will take care of the delivery directly to the cabin.
Be sure to keep your personal effects, documents, daily medicines with you at all times and anything else that could be useful during boarding.