Samsara Spa area

Category One
for a fee
Category Two
The Samsara spa is a real spa area, entirely dedicated to your well-being, where you can simply relax and enjoy some “you time”. The Samsara spa is only available on certain ships, and is a real oasis of well-being. It covers up to 6,000 square meters and is designed to help you regain physical energy and mental balance in a unique atmosphere, all in the spirit of ancient Roman baths. Let yourself drift away in the gentle waters of the thermal pools, steam rooms and Finnish saunas, and experience the treatments inspired by ancient Ayurvedic techniques. Close your eyes and experience physical regeneration. The Samsara Spa wellness centre, overlooking the sea, is a world of it’s own where time is suspended. It is a unique place in which to find perfect harmony with your inner self. You will emerge with your body and spirit revitalised.