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Every day, an Italian region will become the theme of your table, with a menu inspired by local culinary tradition.

A typical Italian breakfast or a lovely international breakfast, served at your table in the main restaurant and freshly prepared, will be the perfect start to your day. At dinner, indulge in the most famous Italian dishes such as fillet of beef alla Rossini, Cappelletti with braised meat or delicious Sardinian fregola with fresh vegetables. And let’s not forget the gastronomic offerings from the places we visit. In addition, for those who want to taste the best and most popular Made in Italy products, we have selected items available on the menu at an extra charge, including the authentic cotoletta or the exquisite mozzarella produced on board. Finally, great attention is also paid to the presentation of the food, because a truly tasty experience starts with the eyes and then only, does it involve all other senses.