The recipe for happiness

Original, creative, inspired by tradition but contemporary. Chef Bruno Barbieri is the creator of an amazing menu that is served on several ships and in different destinations.

One menu, two anniversaries

Recipes that summarise a 40-year career. Bruno Barbieri’s menu has all the passion of a life dedicated entirely to food. Twelve new dishes to celebrate the story of a great chef and 70 years of Costa.

A journey of taste

The menu is a journey through the flavours that have shaped the chef over the years. From the cuisine of Emilia Romagna to international recipes tested on cruise ships. Unique experiences that create extraordinary dishes.

Who is Bruno Barbieri?

Born in Medicina in the province of Bologna, Bruno Barbieri is the Italian chef with the most Michelin stars. He began his career on cruise ships, where he discovered culinary cultures around the world. After years of experience in the most prestigious Italian and international venues, he finally opened his restaurants and his career took off. Author of 11 cook books, a judge on Masterchef Italia since 2011 and the star of popular television programmes.


Marinated salmon tartare with avocado, shrimp and mayonnaise with spices. Mortadella foam, pistachios and brioche with Parmesan cheese frosting.

Vegetarian Starter

Pumpkin flan with mustard sauce, braised mushroom oil and sesame parsley cracker.

Vegetarian Soup

Creamed leeks, potatoes and peppers with the flavour of barbecue with yoghurt.


Tortelloni with herbs and goats’ cheese with red onion, bacon and ricotta forte.


Gramigna al torchio with a cuttlefish, bread, caper and pea sauce.

Main dishes

Sea Bass fillet with aubergine and smoked tomato sauce with anchovies.

Main dishes

Roasted beef tenderloin with a bread sauce, served with fluffy potatoes and aged balsamic.

Main dishes

Fragrant duck bon bon with Taggiasca olives, a PDO taleggio cheese cream and crunchy celeriac. Warm artichoke compote with powdered fennel taralli marinated giardiniera relish (V).


Fried caramelised cream puffs served with custard and orange zest by Fourghetti.


Iced almond nougat with gianduja chocolate sauce.

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