“Accidental Tourists”

the top tourism experts in Italy: Syusy Blady and Patrizio Roversi, present CostaTours!

Syusy Blady and Patrizio Roversi

“We will encourage cruise passengers to take an active part in the trip and to embark on the shore excursions, carefully selecting the excursions and ‘preparing’ the passengers to enjoy them in a spirit of curiosity and attentiveness.”

Would you like a preview?

A selection endorsed by Patrizio Roversi and Syusy Blady: these are just a few of the many CostaTours!

From the port of St. Petersburg (Russia)

Evening visit to the Hermitage

From the port of Catalina Island (Dominican Republic)

Saona Island and its natural pools

From the port of Volos (Greece)

The monasteries of Meteora between earth and heaven

From the Port of Savona

Premium Experience – Finalborgo and Noli: traditional recipes and medieval villages

From Port Victoria (Seychelles)

The two pearls of the Seychelles: the islands of Praslin and La Digue

From the port of Casablanca (Morocco)

Walking tour of Marrakesh

From the port of Olden (Norway)

Briksdal Glacier

From the port of Ibiza (Balearic Islands)

Relax under the sun of Formentera

From the port of Antigua (Antilles)

Antigua in a kayak with snorkelling

From the port of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Arabian Nights: desert safari and overnight stay in a luxury camp

Who are Syusy and Patricio?

• Tourists with a wealth of travel experience
• They present several cult Italian shows (Turisti per Caso, Velisti per Caso, Evoluti per Caso)
• They have boosted the creation of the largest Italian community of tourists
• The magazine "Accidental Tourists" is one of the most popular publications sold on newsstands every month
• The "Accidental Tourists" website has won awards, with a million users per month