Mozzarella Goccialatte

Category One
On many Costa ships there are mini dairies with the best curd, craftsmanship and dairy artisans. You can enjoy mozzarellas, burrata, buffalo cheese, scamorze and many more on your pizza or in the delicious dishes on the Goccialatte menu, with all the courses created to enjoy the freshness of the product, straight from the dairy. The event is organised along with the "Latteria del Curatino", an Italian brand created from the synergy of both Campania companies: "Comat" (one of the most successful in the production of facilities and machinery for the dairy industry), and the dairy farm "Podere dei Leoni" (manufacturer of DOP buffalo mozzarella). The basic ingredient is cow and buffalo milk curd from the plains of the Sele. Genuine, all-Italian excellence brought straight to our table.

Life on board

Life on board

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Under 3 Mini Club

for a fee

Solo su Costa Smeralda puoi lasciare anche i più piccoli (1-3 anni) nelle buone mani degli animatori dello Squok Club. I bambini si divertono in tutta sicurezza, e tu puoi prenderti un po' di tempo libero a bordo.