Jogging track

Category One
Following the jogging track as the ship moves in the direction of your vacation is just a great feeling. Circumnavigate the ship from bow to stern when running, and jog from port to starboard while your heart beats in perfect sync with a true feeling of well-being. Breathe in the iodine of the sea you are sailing across and monitor your workout. This is one of the best feelings for an athlete because, in addition to physical exercise, you can ensure the priceless hospitality of the natural world that will allow you to run on the edge of the horizon!

Life on board

Life on board

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Under 3 Mini Club

for a fee

Solo su Costa Smeralda puoi lasciare anche i più piccoli (1-3 anni) nelle buone mani degli animatori dello Squok Club. I bambini si divertono in tutta sicurezza, e tu puoi prenderti un po' di tempo libero a bordo.