If you think of a far away place, you’ll think of taking a trip to Australia. But getting to know it on a cruise, crossing beautiful seas and witnessing that wonderful contrast between futuristic structures and unspoiled nature, is a real thrill. Australia is a collection of immense spaces, almost uninhabited, including the heart of the Red Desert, sacred to the aborigines. Under Uluru (Ayers Rock) we find the cave where, even today, Aboriginal women give birth, and we understand the deep connection of natives with their mother earth. Sydney is located in a beautiful bay; Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth are all awesome. Wonderful rain forests thrive around it, including Kakadu Park, and a spectacular sea for diving into the coral reef and anchoring our cruise ship. Everywhere, we find ourselves immersed in a dominant nature, sometimes difficult to tame. It is quite easy to make friends with Australians: just order a cold beer and their natural inclination to friendship soon emerges.

Ports featured


Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. Immediately recognisable by the famous Opera House that is now a symbol of the city.