Nestled between the Andes mountains, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Colombia is a rainbow of contrasting colours, an expression of considerable biodiversity which makes it the ideal destination for our cruise to South America.
The adventurers of the past sought the legendary El Dorado; however, travellers of today find an endless source of wonder there. The cities, with a colonial atmosphere and modern vocation, are bursting with life. This is the country of Gabriel García Márquez, the only one who in his masterpieces was able to give us a sense of the intense vitality of these wonderful places. Cartagena is the most beautiful colonial city in South America, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. We stroll amongst paths lined with colourful squares and buildings of its old town, the walled city now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Our cruise to Colombia is also an opportunity to discover the irresistible smells emanating from the tortilla and empanada kiosks.