The Maldives are a joyful place that draws us back to a state of primitive well-being resulting from simply immersing ourselves in nature. For this reason, holidays to the Maldives with Costa Cruises are unforgettable. Fine white sand, coconut palms, little fish nibbling at our feet immersed in the sea, warm clear water, warm and reassuring sunshine: the Maldives are all of this. We dive into the silence of an oasis and into that open sea, rippling and teeming with life, which takes on all shades of green to finally fade into the deepest blue. Only if we cross an ocean on our cruise ship and dive beyond the barrier can we admire the beauty of the corals, inhabited by brightly coloured fish. Here we’ll eat delicious fish curry and freshly picked fruit.

Ports featured


From the port of Malé, where we dock on our Costa Cruise, it's off to the various dreamy atolls that form the Maldives, famous for its stunning sea and reef.