Our Costa cruise in the Mediterranean visits different ports in Spain, and in each one we discover artistic and architectural beauty with a strong expressive intensity and full of the spirit of this land. During our cruise to Spain, we admire the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, so complex and so delicate at the same time, and the park with the sculptures by Gaudì, absolutely surreal but perfect. We drink sangria in the Gothic quarter and stroll around doing some shopping. Madrid is as austere as a mother who stands waiting for her children and then is so welcoming in feeding them with fantastic tapas, jamon serrano and a good glass of red wine. Valencia has its unforgettable paella, while Malaga is the sea port of Andalusia, where the horses are a wonderful expression of the indomitable spirit of the Spaniards. And then the border with Gibraltar, once believed to be the end of the world, and, today, the start of new adventures on Costa cruise ships.

Ports featured


Barcelona's nightlife. Among the “ramblas” we discover great food and rivers of beer, but we are always under the watchful eye of Gaudi, who captured and expressed the soul of this place.

St. Cruz de Tenerife

The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the city’s access to the sea and characterised by a mix of cultures that have managed to coexist in harmony with each other.

Unmissable shore excursions

Some of the most beautiful moments you can experience on a cruise.