US Virgin Islands

Among the US Virgin Islands of volcanic origin we can reach on a cruise ship, Saint Thomas is undoubtedly the most picturesque and most glamorous, thanks to its perfect exotic atmosphere and luxury restaurants and clubs.
The beauty of the area has bewitched many visitors and the traces of their presence are displayed at the American-Caribbean Historical Museum and Exhibits of Saint Thomas, the most cosmopolitan of the US Virgin Islands, where we stop off during our cruise. The Virgin Islands National Park is known throughout the world for its breathtaking beauty. It covers about three fifths of the surface of Saint John and nearly all of Hassel Island. The US Virgin Islands are considered a “Dining Paradise”. In fact you’ll be able to experience a delicious Creole fusion menu. First pumpkin soup with nutmeg and callaloo, with fresh spinach and mussels, then grilled lobster with avocado mayonnaise. You will also savour “conch-fritters”, an amazing a sea mussel pancake.

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