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Given the current situation of uncertainty deriving from the restrictions relating to the Covid-19 emergency, we have decided to suspend the activities of some of our ships.

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The itineraries will be subject to variations and cancellations: guests affected by the changes will be promptly notified by their travel agencies or directly by our Contact Center.

Cruises will resume on January 31, 2021 with Costa Deliziosa.


Costa Deliziosa will start with the same all-Italian itineraries originally planned for Costa Smeralda, currently still on stand-by for a few weeks. From January 31, 2021 Costa Deliziosa will start again with mini-cruises for 3, 4 days or cruises for 7 days to the most beautiful Italian locations.

The decision to restart on January 31 with Costa Deliziosa allows greater flexibility and security in response to any changes resulting from the evolution of the COVID-19 scenario, in the cities included in our itineraries. With the guarantee of a unique and exclusive cruise experience aboard we are hoping to see you soon on one of the most beautiful and welcoming ships in our fleet.

Do you have a confirmed booking for one of the canceled cruises?

Due to the protracted emergency situation, Costa Cruises has decided to extend the voluntary suspension of its cruises. 

Costa Cruises is taking steps to inform travel agents and customers affected by the changes, who will receive a voucher equivalent to what the Company has collected, as a form of greater guarantee for travelers.


Call our Cruise Experts at +39 010 4206099 or contact your Travel Agency for further information



Does the voucher amount equal to the balance I made?

The amount of the voucher corresponds exactly to what cashed by Costa at the time of the cancellation, either the down payment or the entire balance.

Will the voucher equal the penalty amount at the time of cancellation?

No, the penalty has been cancelled. The voucher is equal to the amount cashed by Costa.

Who will the voucher be addressed to?

The voucher will be entitled to the booking holder (i.e. primary person in the booking)

Can I use the voucher on multiple bookings?

Yes, the same voucher can be used for the purchase of several new cruises until its amount is zero, and in any case within 18 months from the date of issue. It can also be used for other pre-sale services.

Is the voucher transferable?

No, the voucher is not transferable to any other person who wasn´t in the original booking

How valid is the voucher and on which departures can it be used?

The voucher can be spent within 18 months of issue for cruise bookings with return by 30 April 2022.

Does the voucher cover all the costs of the case including insurance, any visas, other?

The voucher amount depends on the amount collected by Costa at the time of cancellation. Insurance, schedule flights and Visa are excluded

If the voucher amount is higher than the total amount of the new booking, is it possible to get a refund for the residual amount? Can it be used on another booking? Is it possible to have it in the form of credit to be spent on board?

It is not possible to have a refund in cash, if the total of the new booking is less than the amount of the voucher. The new booking can be of a lower, equal or greater value than that of the voucher. In order not to lose part of the voucher you can book other new cruises or add additional services to the new booking up to covering the entire amount of the voucher. In any case, the voucher must be used until its valid is zero within 18 months from the date of issue.

Can the voucher be used on all rates?

Yes, the voucher can be used on any rate.

Can I use the voucher on a departure that I have already confirmed?

No, the voucher can only be used on new bookings.


Traveling around the world on a Costa ship will once again be an exciting experience,
as it has been for millions of people in over 70 years of history.



All the new safety regulations to protect your health: from online check-in to tampons for everyone, from excursions in small groups to all the other news for a peaceful cruise.

*HERE you can find the list of nationalities allowed to go onboard with PCR-test performed at the terminal prior to departure.