If you are leaving for a transatlantic cruise, you already know that you’re not only a tourist, but you’re retracing the routes of the ancient navigators with the spirit of a modern-day Columbus, discovering new and exotic worlds. 

A transatlantic cruise allows you to enjoy the discovery of dream destinations like the Canary Islands, Caribbean, Northern Europe, India or the Far East, which provide views and landscapes that are different every day. It is important to enjoy each day of sailing until we reach these fantastic sites and discover beautiful cities and fascinating islands. Once back at home, we will have had a wealth of breathtaking experiences, including the excitement created by the crystal-clear waters of the sea, the clearness of the sky, the warm embrace of the forests and the hospitality of the locals known for their warm smiles. 

Ports featured

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a miracle on sand. The majestic white marble mosque coexists with the mirrors of the skyscrapers. All surrounded by desert.


Barcelona's nightlife. Among the “ramblas” we discover great food and rivers of beer, but we are always under the watchful eye of Gaudi, who captured and expressed the soul of this place.


The docks at the port of Bergen in Norway are a UNESCO World Heritage site due to their historical value. The small colourful houses seem to come from a fairy tale.

Buenos Aires

Argentina was the promised land for many European emigrants and today the capital Buenos Aires welcomes us warmly.

Catalina Island

On Catalina Island there is a private beach exclusively reserved for Costa Cruise passengers and reachable only by rowing boat because engines and noise are banned here. What an oasis!


 Economic capital and former state capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is a port city located in southwest of the island. Milestone in our cruise to Sri Lanka, you will experience first-hand the "Teardrop of India".


Unmissable shore excursions

Some of the most beautiful moments you can experience on a cruise.