Far East

The purpose of any trip is to be enriched by new experiences, tastes, sounds, images and emotions that are different from the usual ones. That's why our cruises in the far East always meet the need for new discoveries.

China is a country that preserves the charm of its past traditions, while always being poised for great change. The essential nature of  martial art movements reflects the rigour with which the country has embraced progress and continues to advance it.  Japan is also amazing: Tokyo is a shining star of life and colour, but  also a place of order and respect for everyone, as in the most authentic of ancient  traditions. Our cruise to the Far East will reveal fascinating lands  with a thousand contrasts, where the modern adapts to the old and the hustle and bustle of life is  faced with peace of mind. In every country, foods with intoxicating scents are combined with and  actually enhance the emotions that you will experience.

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Ports featured


The port of Fukuoka is located in the south east of the Island of Kyushu, a prosperous seaside town surrounded by mountains.


Phuket is a historical destination of Thailand of yesteryear, but the beauty of the beaches and the peace of the area continually renew its charm.


The busy port of Singapore is one of the essential destinations on our Costa Cruise in the Orient. We’re visiting the town to be captivated for a long time afterwards.

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