Spring Cruises

The days are getting longer, nature is displaying a riot of colours and the desire to get away is growing in you! So, what could be better than welcoming the start of the warmer weather with a holiday?

“Spring does not knock, she enters boldly...:”: how about giving yourself a head-start on summer? Among the various celebrations scheduled, it is easy to find a long and well-deserved break for a rejuvenating holiday after the harshness of the winter season.

And if you can't decide where you want to go, a Spring Cruise is the one for you: instead of choosing a single location, you embark on a luxury ship which offers you a different port and a new city to visit every day.

Do you want to stroll through the streets of Amsterdam or feel like a Highlander on the Scottish cliff tops? Or do you prefer trekking on the slopes of the Teide volcano in Tenerife or maybe taking a dive in the cobalt blue Barbados sea?

With Costa Cruises you can make these and other dreams come true, and choose from a range of destinations in every corner of the globe.

Some examples? Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, Canary islands, Northern Europe British Style, Transoceanica with Costa Magica, Far East with Costa NeoRomantica.

The cruise is not just an alternative holiday mode. It is also a unique opportunity to relax and have fun with family, friends, a special someone, or why not, even by yourself?

Aboard a flagship you are part of a carefree world, exciting and full of promise, like the spring breeze, where every moment is designed to ensure your maximum wellbeing and comfort in the incomparable setting of sea and sky.

Choose your itinerary based on your budget, the time you have available and your mood: the Mediterranean cities await, as does the first swim of the season, the incredible explosion of flowers in Japan, and much more.

Above all, waiting for you is the magic of a trip from the perspective of the sea, which will let you feel all its energy at this time of the year.

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Prices, Offers and Promotions

One of the advantages of a Spring Cruise must be the chance to make the most of so many promotions and offers. And on balance, it is cheaper than a single trip to a fashionable city or an exotic location.

Costa Cruises boasts a range of offers at any budget, to allow you to travel the world and admire its wonders at low prices without missing out on anything.

  • The All Inclusive formula, for example, is ideal if you are looking for a holiday where you don’t have to think about anything. A choice of menus and drinks with gourmet specials, 24-hour room service, breakfast in your cabin, performances and talent shows: all accompanied by the smiles and attention of the personnel on board.
  • Another option for your Spring Cruise is the Last Minute offer. An economical holiday, but with all the comforts you need for a wonderful experience in exotic and fascinating destinations. Recommended for travellers who love decide on impulse and depart on an adventure to new destinations.
  • Finally, if you need to reach your cruise city of departure by coach, plane or train, take advantage of a Travel Package: everything is planned down to the smallest detail. With these, you don't have to think about anything except packing your case: comfort and relaxation begin even before boarding. In fact, in addition to the cruise, you can choose a plane, coach or train to take you to your port of departure.

Discover the Spring Cruise, depart from Naples

Discover the Spring Cruise, depart from Civitavecchia/Rome

Discover the Spring Cruise, depart from Bari

Spring Shore Excursions

While admiring the sunset from the bridge of a Costa ship, maybe sipping a glass of prosecco, it would be easy to think “if heaven is like this, I could get used to it”. But this is just the beginning.

In addition to the thrill of travelling on the sea, surrounded by the wonderful comfort on board, a Costa Cruise offers you countless possibilities for fun on shore: sporting activities of all kinds and excursions to discover the unique places in the world.

This aspect of the Costa experience is particularly attractive in the spring months, thanks to the return of mild weather and the lure of nature that reawakens in all its magnificence.

Water sports such as snorkelling and windsurfing; trekking along the rivers, in forests or on the slopes of a volcano; tours of the islands, to admire wild flora and fauna; shore excursions at the foot of majestic glaciers or vertiginous waterfalls; not to mention the more leisurely activities, like visits to historical cities and tasting local specialities: these are just some of the activities that allow you to discover other cultures and learn something more about their identity and history.

All the Costa Cruises shore excursions are totally optional and take place in one day. As well as an opportunity for personal enrichment, they represent a wonderful opportunity for socialising with your fellow passengers.

Really? You've never been on a cruise?

Discover the taste of a holiday at sea

All holidays should bring serenity, smiles and relaxation, but only on a Costa Cruise does happiness multiply, because you see it in the eyes of the people you love.