Where a passenger covered by the provisions of Regulation EU no. 1177/2010 wishes to make a complaint to the Carrier, they shall submit it within 2 months from the date on which the service was performed or should have been performed.  Within 1 month of receiving the complaint, the Carrier shall give notice to the claimant that the complaint has been substantiated, rejected or is still being considered.  The time taken to provide the final reply shall be no longer than 2 months from the receipt of the complaint.
Complaints may be sent in Italian and/or English using the downloadable form provided:

A passenger may also choose to send a complaint to any of the above addresses without using the complaint form provided.  However, no complaint shall be considered valid unless it includes at least the following details:
a) the claimant’s details (name, surname, address or contact number) and those of their attorney, if applicable, together with the power of attorney from the passenger and a copy of the latter’s ID;
b) details of the journey concerned (time, date and place of departure, destination) and of the transport contract (booking reference or ticket number);
c) a description of the non-compliance of the service with one or more of the requirements laid down in European or national regulations or in the transport general contractual conditions.
In the event of the Carrier’s failure to reply by the aforementioned deadline to a complaint submitted correctly and containing all the information set out above, the claimant shall be entitled to:
1. use the out-of-court dispute settlement procedure by applying to the Chamber of Commerce in their place of residence and/or domicile;
2. lodge a “second instance” complaint with the Transport Regulation Authority by writing to or
The claimant shall be entitled to receive automatic compensation calculated on the ticket price for the transport service for an amount not less than:
a) 10% of the ticket price if the reply to the complaint is provided between 61 days and 90 days from the receipt of the complaint;
b) 20% of the ticket price if the reply to the complaint is not provided within 90 days from the receipt of the complaint.
2. The foregoing compensation shall not be payable if:
a) the amount thereof is less than 6 euros;
b) the complaint is not submitted correctly by the passenger, by the set deadline and containing at least the information set out above;
c) the passenger has already received automatic compensation for a complaint submitted regarding the same journey.

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