World Tour 2019

The cruise of the great oceans - a 112-day dream on board Costa Luminosa

Special gift

To make your cruise around the world even more unique, a Drinks Package and a special selection of shore excursions will be included in the price!

Drinks Package

It includes unlimited mineral water, soft drinks, beer and wine, at lunch and dinner, in the Main Restaurant and the Buffet.

15 Shore Excursions

Selected from the best and the most popular among our guests, great tours for you to discover the best of each continent.

Tenerife-Teide National Park

Beaches, parks and protected areas, lush flora under the world’s third largest volcano and the highest mountain in the whole of Spain.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is a metropolis to visit with samba steps and camera in hand. In addition to the panorama of the famous Sugar Loaf mountain, a walk to the statue of Christ the Redeemer is an experience not to be missed.

Punta Arenas

At the entrance to the Strait of Magellan, you'll enjoy beautiful views over Tierra del Fuego. Exploring is a dream: from the white beaches of Magdalena Island you can admire the penguins, sea birds and the acrobatics of the dolphins.

Easter Island

On this extraordinary island you can enjoy many different experiences: try the maze of Moai statues inland, explore archaeological sites by jeep or snorkel in a coral reef.


The main centre of Polynesia, the Port of Papeete would like to welcome you to the island of Tahiti. From the belvedere of Monte Marau, the island offers one of the most beautiful views of the Pacific and neighbouring islands of Tahaa and Raiatea.


Auckland lies in a volcanic area, and from the top of a volcano, now a nature park, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. At the Auckland Museum you will discover how Maori and British traditions coexisted in the past.

Komodo island

Known worldwide for its dragon, Komodo is a primitive corner of Indonesia and boasts an exceptional terrestrial ecosystem, gorgeous backdrops, amongst the best in the world, and a huge variety of flora and fauna.

Phuket - Thai cuisine

Thai Cuisine is becoming more and more fashionable in the West: learn how to cook the most delicious dishes!

Colombo - Between temples and bazaars

Today Colombo is the melting pot of the island: discover the colourful markets, all the architectural styles that coexist in the city, the beautiful gardens, restaurants and colourful shops.


Take a journey into the glorious past of the most populous city in India! A city of contrasts, where there is everything from modern Imperial Towers to the Elephant Island cave temples, which date back to the 8th century.

World Tour promotions for our CostaClub members


With up to €4000 on-board credit or up to €2000 off per cabin, you have thousands of good reasons to travel round the world!


The on-board credit is equal to €2000 per person , for a maximum of 2 people per cabin.

The discount on the cruise is equal to €1000 per person , for a maximum of 2 people per cabin.

The promotion is valid for all Costa Club members, including the Ambra club. The amount of on-board credit and discount are the same for each  Costa Club category that the Member belongs to.

The two promotions are not cumulative and are valid in all categories and for all cabin occupancies.

The two promotions are valid for bookings for the World Tour 2019 Costa Luminosa cruises leaving on 5th January from Venice (whole journey, separate legs are not valid).

Reservations can be made through your Travel Agent, at or through Costa For You.





€2000 of credit to spend on board, please supply the following code CWC19SO at the time of booking;
€1000 savings on your cabin, please supply the following code CWC19CS at the time of booking.





€4000 of credit to spend on board, please supply the following code CWC19DO at the time of booking;
€2000 savings on your Cabin, please supply the following code CWC19CD at the time of booking.