Catalina Island

On Catalina Island there is a private beach exclusively reserved for Costa Cruise passengers and reachable only by rowing boat because engines and noise are banned here. What an oasis! During the stop on Catalina Island, you'll notice the unique feature of this pearl of nature: the importation of motor vehicles is forbidden and the feeling of escape from the rush of the metropolis is very strong. The island also, and inevitably, surprises us with the variety of its ecosystem: among the imported species like the bison and native ones of extraordinary beauty, you'll feel as though you have landed in a veritable garden of Eden. The island will enchant you. It’s extremely popular with divers for its barrier reef and you can also relax on the private Costa beach. Not to be missed: • Relax on a catamaran • Excursion to the village “Altos de Chavon” • Boat excursions to the river Chavon

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